Fiona and Matt were driving back to the office one afternoon, returning from their weekly playgroup at the local public school, feeling inspired and joyful and in love with their jobs, when there it was…the bus stop. They pass this bus stop all the time, and you probably have too. It’s not just this bus stop, but every bus stop in Sydney, and the design has apparently not changed since the dawn of time.

They both saw it and groaned, immediately launching into their usual tirade about the out-dated design, and how easily it could be improved, at how it would be so much better with sophisticated lines and timber slats, and how they may as well just redesign it themselves, at…hang on, what did you just say? Could we do that?

  • Engineered, reinforced concrete
  • Compliant with Australian Access and Mobility Standards (AS 1428)
  • Australian hardwood
  • Freestanding
  • Easy installation
  • Infinite variations of colours, finishes and textures,
  • Built-in armrests
  • Improved thermal comfort

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