Hand Drawing

Each and every item at Arcadian Products starts with a Caran D’ache 0.7mm pencil. Hand drawing is part of the Arcadian Products philosophy – the free flow and easy design alterations that hand drawing allow are unrivalled.



The next step is to transition hand sketches and perspectives into a three-dimensional scaled model. Scaled models can help evaluate and test the design. Models tend to be a combination of 3D printing, timber (balsa) and foam.



Once the form of a design is settled, the concept is formalised into a CAD model whereby intricacies of measurements and angles are further defined. This stage also includes an in-house Australian Standards check.



A complete 3D drawing is then sent to engineers for the detailed structural design, including footings and reinforcing.


Standards Approval

All Arcadian Products have a Structural Design Certificate.

The play equipment is additionally assessed against AS 4685 – Playground Equipment by a play equipment certifier. All play equipment from Arcadian Products have a Certificate of Compliance.



Once all certificates are obtained, the design is then ready for the craftsmen!

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