Form Follows Function

Arcadian Products are committed to producing aesthetic designs that deliver. To achieve this, we do not compromise on quality at any stage in the design and manufacturing process, collaborating with skilled craftsmen to produce high quality products.

We focus on clean, honest and simple lines, enabling us to produce a range of park and playground equipment with a consistent aesthetic.



We afford the highest attention to the safety and comfort of our users, which is why our products are fully engineered, fully certified, and designed to meet current Australian Standards.



The team at Arcadian Products have a combined 100 plus years working in architecture, landscape architecture and industrial design. We understand your brief for bespoke designs to cater to unique applications – we have this desire too! It follows that we have therefore prioritised adaptability in our product design.


Environmental Responsibility

The Australian climate is diverse and often harsh, and our expectations for continuing changes to our climate mean that a greater focus must be placed on sustainability of materials, longevity of products and safety of users.



The concrete used in our slides and benches has a long life expectancy thanks to its high strength and durability. Concrete is better able to withstand extreme weather events, such as heat waves and cyclones, compared to traditional materials. This material is also suited for day-to-day comfort and safety of users through its low thermal conductivity and polished finish.



All timber used by our craftsmen is Australian-grown and responsibly sourced. The timber is specially selected for durability to minimise the impact of termites and rot. Our craftsmen are experts at skilfully compromising sustainable sourcing and cutting techniques, while minimising waste.


Universal Design

We strive to uphold the theory of Universal Design to its highest ideological interpretation – for people of all ages, abilities and ethnic origins to feel included in the play environment, and to accomplish this at all levels: socially, emotionally and intellectually.

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